Some of our clients and past/present contracts undertaken include.

A23 Coulsdon: Consisted of the installation of 7km of kerbs/edgings. 2km2 Paving

Bexhill to Hastings link road: Installation of 5km of HB2 kerbs

Ardleigh Green bridge: 1500m kerbing

A30 Bodmin to Queens Bypass: Consisted of the installation of 11km of combined kerb & edgings.

A27 Southerham to beddingham BypassInstallation of 9km of kerbs&edgings

Abberton Reservoir Scheme: Installation of 40km of pcc edgings, 4km pcc kerbs 20km2 topsoil works. 2km timber footpath full construction.1km of envrio kerb.

A40 Western Avenue Bridges Replacement: Installation of 4km2 of paving slabs/blockpaving. 6km of pcc kerbs/edgings.

A23 Handscross to Warninglid Widening : Installation of 26km of drainage kerb, hb2 kerbs, sp kerbs, edgings

A5-M1 Link 32km kerbing

A2 Pepperhill to Cobham Widening Scheme: Installation of 12km of kerbs. 900m2 chevron paving. 1.5km2 grasscrete.

DLR Station Refurbishment: 600m of coping stone. 1km2 paving works tactile&slab all laid on steintec mortar.

Eureka Park Section 278 Works: 2km of pcc kerbs

Bewbush junction improvments : 1.4km beany blocks. 3km splay kerbs, 3km edgings, 1km of conservation kerbs

Colchester Northern Approches: 5km of Beany Blocks, 4.5km of kerbs, 6km of edgings 

Bexhill Link Rd : 15km Kerbing.

Runwell Infrastructure: 9km Kerbing.

Clacton on Sea: 5km kerbing

Marham Park: 6km kerbing

Colchester sports ground: 6km kerbing

Thanet Earth Access Road: Insalltion of 6km of pcc kerbs/edgings

ROH Production Park: Installaion of 4km of granite kerbs&edgings.

Ashford Traincare Facility: Installation of 1km of bridge deck kerbs.

Victoria Way Initial Phase Ashford: Installation of 2km2 of Chinese granite setts all laid on steintec motar, 7km of granite kerbs. 1km of beany block.

East Kent Access Phase 2: Installation of 27km of kerbs&edgings. 2km2 grasscrete. 700m2 chevron paving. 1km beany block.

A45 Birmingham Corridor improvments: Installation of 14km of hb2 & splay kerbs. 2km, Aco channel, 6km, edgings.

M275 Tipner: Installation of 500m Max E channel, 1.2km enviro kerb, 3.5km hb2 kerbs

DP World Port Access Road: Installation of 7km Hb2 Kerbs & Bullnose kerbs.

DP World Port Access Road Phase 2: 5km of Aco installed, 4km of timber edging, 7km of splay kerbs, 7km of edgings

DP World Port Access Road Phase 3: 4km of Aco, 5km of HB2 kerbs, 4km of edgings

Lewisham Gateway Projects: Small civils package including granite kerbing & york stone paving

Chesterton Slidings: 12km kerbing

Cranfeild Universitiy: 15km kerbing

M20 Jct 9 Drovers Roundabout: Installation of 6km of kerbs&edgings. 1.5km2 of grasscrete paving.

Euro Tunnel lot 2: 1.2km of Trief kerb, 1km of Aco, 3km of PCC kerbs

Peters Village: 40km kerbing – 20km2 block paving

M25 Jct 2: 400m Drainage Kerb


Cheesemans Green Link Road: 2.5km of enviro kerb, 3km of HB kerb, 2500 m2 of block paving

Barton Park: 12km Kerbing – 6km2 Block Paving 


A5 – M1 Link: 32k Kerbing

Hamersmith Flyover: 1.5km of enviro deck, 1km of Trief kerb

Rugby Radio: 20km kerbing

Swanswell Viaduct: 2km Bridge deck drain kerb

Dover 278 works: 5km kerbing

Greenhithe: 3km kerbing 

Maidstone High Street Refurb: Granite sett paving 

Whitfield S38 Works: 5km Kerbing 

A14 Section 04 & 05: 75km kerbing

Kings Hill S38 Works: 5km Kerbing

Chilmington Green: 8km Kerbing

Dover Leisure: 2km2 Block Paving

Southall Waterside: 5km Granite kerbing. 5km2 Conservation paving

All documentation for the above contracts available upon request.